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Dr. Janice Manisha Maganji


Dr Janice Manisha Maganji is a humanitarian at heart and a full-time dreamer of a world with peace, love and compassion. Dr Maganji is a doctor by education and a drug development scientist by profession with over 20 years’ experience of having led several blockbuster drugs into the service of humanity. Dr Maganji was awarded with Young Scientist award by National Allergy and Pulmonary Conference in India. Dr Maganji is a strong believer of the values enshrined in the preamble of Indian Constitution and yearns to see them implemented across the world. She founded I.N.D.I.A. with keeping these values at the heart of the purpose of the organisation. Dr Maganji believes that no matter how strong are the forces that break down humanity from the humans, if all the people who stand and practice tolerance and compassion, equality and justice, persistently stand with the human values and fearless keep countering those forces, then that day is not far when the world will have no need for armies and asylums. Dr Maganji is on a mission to unite the goodness of the world!