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Covid 19 Blame Game

Scapegoating of minorities in pandemics: A short documentary

We are seeking your urgent support for the production of a professionally made documentary about the scapegoating of minorities in pandemics.

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Throughout history, pandemics have provided free reign for fascists and tyrants across the world, to persecute, vilify, scapegoat and kill minorities. Today, history is repeating itself, with Muslims and Dalits being blamed for spreading Covid-19.

Right now:

• Cleaners on streets and scavengers in landfills are being beaten because they are perceived to be unclean and possibly infected;

• Muslims, out of abject fear, are being forced to hide their illnesses, thereby failing to seek treatment for themselves and their families;

• A pregnant woman was denied help in childbirth because of who she was;

• New-born babies have died because their mothers were an ’infected’ minority and so were refused medical attention;

• Impoverished vegetable vendors are prevented from earning their living, being the subject of vicious campaigns about them and their produce;

• Poor people are being stripped of their clothes and their dignity to be sprayed with disinfectant.

The world needs to understand that minorities are as much victims of this global tragedy as anyone else. We cannot allow unscrupulous regimes to use such times to intensify hatred amongst people and fragment the society within which they live, simply to serve their own ulterior motives.

Nobody gets infected so that they can infect. Minorities deserve the same right, as we all desire, to feel physically safe and secure and have access to medical attention if needed.

Media efforts are important and do produce results. There is a groundswell awakening around the world about the plight of minorities. All of this driven through media documentation and awareness campaigns. Help us shine a light on the plight of minorities at this dark time. Help us produce this video. Please support us now using the link above.

To know more visit www.blame-game.com and watch the trailer for this documentary.